Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February 17, 2009

Deuteronomy 6

vs. 4
The Lord is our God the Lord alone. And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and strength.

vs. 6-9
Make sure to continually teach them to your children. (speaking of the commandments)

vs. 22
Before our eyes the Lord did miraculous signs....
This is a reminder to me that the Lord can and still does miracles!

Psalm 20
In times of trouble may the Lord respond to your (our) cry.
Makes me think of our cry for help financially for the adoption.

May he grant your hearts desire and fulfill all your (His) plans (will).
Our hearts desire is to adopt a son if it's His will and plan.

May we shout for joy when we (they) hear of our victory. May the Lord answer all your (our) prayers.

vs. 7 We will boast in the Lord our God.

vs. 9
Respond to our cry for help.


Yesterday 2/16/09 AGCI called and told me they had heard from the case manager for Nepal's waiting child program. All special needs will be severe....epilepsy, heart conditions, clef lip and so on. I asked her about securing a place for 2010 but they already have 20 families in the Nepal program. 10 dossiers are in Nepal now and 10 families in line for 2010. She did tell us she could and would put our names on a list and if something opened up for more dossiers or a family changed their direction and a spot became available she would call us. She also told me the 300.00 application fee in only good for 90 days at which point we would be required to pay our first program fee....around 5,000.00.

I was disappointed when I go off the phone with Kirsten. Questions like is Nepal really where we're suppose to go? Is this a closed door? Should we be doing what we planned all along...adopt another daughter from China and then go to Nepal???

After some time passed I began to think maybe this is the Lords way of giving us time to save money. So that when the door does open for us we'll at least be able to move ahead, because we will have some money saved...with the help of the Lord. 30,000.00 is A LOT of money....but if He has called us and wants this to happen he'll provide! I will try by the Lords help to be patient and wait out this year to see what happens with Nepal. Maybe we'll get a call in the fall that we're all set to start the program. Maybe it will be 2010 that we have the great privilege and honor to become parents to a baby boy....maybe named Jonah....maybe from BANAU?

I choose to trust you and wait in anticipation to see how you are going to work this all out. If this in not your plan we pray for clear direction as to where to go. Right now we WAIT and PRAY and expect a financial miracle...if it's your will. Please Lord open this door to Nepal and provide the funds needed if it be your will.


Amy sent me an email on facebook. Amy and her husband adopted from China about the same time we adopted Noelle. And they used AWAA. We have emailed back and forth just commenting on our girls and traveling....things of that nature. I haven't posted anything about Nepal or what the Lord has been speaking to us about.
This is the email....

Subject: Ok, I have to ask...

Just because you have been on my heart lately....but are you guys still praying about adopting again?

I talked with Amy and it was so encouraging to know that she has and would be praying for us! Thank you Lord.

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