Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Did you miss me?

It's been weeks it seems since I've blogged. It's been busy around here and if we're friends on facebook you know why.

I am in the thick of planning a benefit dinner and auction to raise the money needed for the legal fight we are in to get Trek's visa.

I will tell you, I'd rather have a yard sale any day over this! There is a ton of work involved especially when you're doing 98% of it yourself. But I won't complain the Lord is faithful as always and He has provided all the food! We have Olive Garden providing 500 bread sticks and salads for 100 people, Angelo's is a local Italian restaurant and the are providing 60 pounds of spaghetti, Texas Roadhouse is giving us 400 rolls and their sweet butter....yum! We have another restaurant that is providing all the sauce and last but not least a small local pizza shop is going to pick up any slack in salads and or sauce!! Oh yeah, Pepsi is giving us 25 cases of soda :) So the food is looking and sounding great! We even had a group of ladies offer to prepare and serve the dinner! Yahoo!!!

So I went back and forth with some of my friends on what to 'charge' for tickets. We settled on $5.00 a ticket and children under 4 are free. Do you know how many tickets one needs to sell to raise thousands of dollars??? I mean people, friends we are trying to raise in the vicinity of $10,000.00 dollars! Oh my...that's a LOT of tickets! So far we have raised about 670.00 in tickets, which is wonderful! Many from people who live out of state and even the country but want to show their support. We love you guys and couldn't do it without you!

The auction is what I'm focusing on now. We are praying for large items to draw in the public. Also we are having a dessert table and hoping to raise lots of money there. I'm trying my best to not get too freaked out about what we need to raise and rest in the Lord and believe that He'll provide again like He has in the past. All I can do is what seems logical and leave the rest to Him. I know He is able!

So for any of you out there that has not bought tickets...it's not too late!

Now for an update on Trek's case....

We have heard that the investigation is complete and now we wait for our attorney to get all the information and wait for her to write our rebuttal. Praying that she gets it finished ahead of schedule, which happens to be Feb. 21.

Trek is doing wonderful! He looks like he is filling out. I think he's gained a little over 2 pounds! He is saying dada and mama! We were skyping him Sunday night and he was trying to rub Mike's head....so cute! As wonderful as he is being taken care of, it's so hard not being the ones to care for him! We are praying everyday that the Lord will provide so we can go over as a family in February and stay there until his visa is issued. So far every rebuttal that has been submitted has been approved thank God! Some people have asked how we could leave and not work....this is the neat thing.... the type of work Mike does allows him to do it anywhere in the world as long as he has the Internet. So as long as the Lord provides the means for us to get back over there Mike will continue to work. The other 'issue' people ask about is Robin's schooling. We would have to home school the remained of the year (I think) and she seems willing to do that or see what ideas her teachers might have. What I can tell you for certainty is... we are ready to be living together as a family the way the Lord intended us too! We think of the verse Psalms 68:6 often... "God places the lonely in families.... " I don't mean to be a broken record in saying we are so thankful for PUMA, but that is not his family. He needs to be with his daddy, mommy and two sisters who all want so desperately to be with him!

So, I'm reading another great book, Radical (taking back your faith from the America Dream) by David Platt. I liked this particular quote I just read today...
This is how God works. He puts his people in positions where they are desperate for his power, and then he shows his provision in ways that display his greatness.
We have seen this time and time again through Trek's adoption and I believe He will continue to display his greatness! Please keep praying with us and for our little boy!