Saturday, February 28, 2009


It will be six weeks ago tonight that Mike had a very restless night. Every time he would doze off he would see letters that appeared to be a word, but not one he recognized.....BANAU. Early Friday morning while having his devotions he decided to Google banau to see if it was a word, and if it was what it meant. Turns out it is a small village in the Parbat district of Nepal. Hmmmm, now why would he dream about a village in Nepal?

We decided that we would take a look and see if there was an adoption program over there. After googling that we saw that they had just opened their doors in October of 2008. Again interesting....hmmmm.

Psalm 16:7 (New Living Translation)
I will bless the Lord who guides me; even at night my heart instructs me.

We have known that we would adopt again, but just assumed it would be China again and we were unsure about the time we would start. We have had the discussion as to whether or not we would mark on our application boy, girl or either. While we were looking over the requirements for Nepal it stated that if you have a son and daughter you would not be qualified to adopt. If you have boys you would only be able to adopt a girl. If you have guessed would have to adopt a BOY!

So we were wondering if the Lord gave him this dream to lead us to into this country for a son? It's kind of a long but wonderful story. If you're interested in the whole story you can go to the beginning of this blog and read about how the Lord spoke to us. After six weeks of really seeking the Lord we KNOW he is calling us to Nepal for our son Jonah! Yes we already know his name! That's another story for another day!

We are very excited to see how the Lord is going to provide and bring us through another amazing journey of adoption...this time for a SON!


  1. Hi Tonya, I saw you comment on my blog. My friend Jenn does not yet have a blog but I gave her yours. There is a picture of her daugher Landry a few posts ago as it was her b'day. I am trying to get her started on one...LOL!

  2. Ok, I just read through your entire blog for Jonah. It is awesome and encouraging and yet a little "unsettling" a good way. My heart so longs to adopt again but as you mentioned we too are pretty wiped out from China financially (we took our three kids and parents and Hudson has had two surgeries since coming home).
    A long story, but what started our adoption journey to Hudson (other than 20 years of longing to adopt) was a dream that included the words "Anja". After some research I discovered what that name meant in Hebrew and the journey began. Hudson was Anja up until Oct. 9 when AWAA called with his file (we had updated to SN and boy or girl and I actually expected a boy). We were overjoyed and couldn't be more blessed by this sweet boy. Now, that nagging is back.. A huge part of me tries to ignore it but I also am just laying it at His feet. Is Anja still in our future? If so WHERE? Like you say HE is way bigger than what we see. Thanks for sharing this blog and your heart. I look forward to following you and will be praying for your days ahead.