Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Praise Report & Two Cuties who need a family!

Thank you for praying for Irina and Alexander! They both now have families pursuing their adoptions! I just happen to have the privilege of attending church with them!! Thank you Lord for moving on hearts! Please keep both families in your prayers as they answer the Lords call and begin their adoption journeys!

These two cuties are a siblings and are currently waiting for a forever family in Ukraine. If you're interested in learning more about them contact Adoption Associates!

DOB: May, 2001


DOB: January, 2000

Kolya sings in the school choir. He also likes to put puzzles together and to make hand-made items.
Kolya is a good-hearted and sincere person, he never offends other children. Kolya is very fond of his younger sister Lesya.

One important difference between Lesya and Kolya and other orphans in Ukraine is that Lesya and Kolya do not live in a regular Ukrainian orphanage and thus does not have any behavioral features that life in an orphanage entails. The private Christian Children Center where Lesya and Kolya live consists of foster families who individually raise children in a family setting. Lesya and Kolya attend regular school, sports and cultural clubs just like an average child would in Ukraine. Lesya and Kolya attend church regularly and takes part in church activities.

Another difference is that a family interested in adopting Lesya and Kolya can come to Ukraine and spend time with Lesya and Kolya openly. Also all sorts of other communication is allowed– exchange of letters, packages, phone calls, skype, etc… so that Lesya and Kolya on one hand and potential adopting family on the other establish emotional contacts prior to commencement of adoption process in Ukraine.

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