Thursday, January 7, 2010

Irina wants to be adopted!

Meet Irina, a 15 year old young lady living in a Christian center in Ukraine.

She has been an orphan for three years and wants to be adopted so badly!

In Ukraine once you turn 16 you are no long eligible to be adopted.

Irina loves writing, has taken painting lessons for 3 years, and is learning to ski.

I know the Lord knows where her family is and will be faithful to bring them together.

Please pray for her and spread the word about this young lady!

For more information on Irina contact Adoption Associates and look under the International program.

Larissa is the contact for her. A link to her email in right on their page.

Adoption Associates does have additional photos for any family interested.

She's a doll!

Please help spread the word about her need for a family.

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  1. Do you realize what you've done by posting this information? HAHA. Thanks for being faithful to share what the Lord places on your heart. Is now a good time to ask you guys to be praying for us?