Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Three Teens Find Families in ONE Week!

Jon & Linda

I'm so excited about how the Lord is moving in our little church up here in Maine! He's put adoption and the love of caring for orphans on a lot of hearts!
These three precious teens that I posted on my blog and facebook last week all have families pursuing them! All from Calvary Chapel in Bangor (Orrington really)!
I LOVE how the Lord is moving in so many families to answer the call to adopt!

An update with Kristina...Jon and Linda just heard about Kristina a day or two ago. They thought the Lord may be calling them to adopt her, but didn't have the 750.00 needed to apply to USCIS. They needed the money today and put the need out to all their friends and by 10:00 this morning the Lord provided all the money needed! So now they will apply for their I171H and begin the adoption process! Kristina turns 16 tomorrow! One more day would have been too late! Praise you Jesus for moving on hearts!
Money can never be an excuse to not obey the Lords calling to adopt!

Over three years ago when we started our adoption of Noelle from China I began attending the church's adoption and orphan care ministry. I enjoyed going but at that time we were the only family adopting internationally.
Domestic adoption is so important too, but at the time really wanted to connect with others that were adopting over seas. I began to pray that the Lord would begin to call more families to adopt over seas. Now I can think of two who have children home from Ethiopia one family leaving in less than two weeks to adopt from Ethiopia and now three more all this week have made a decision to adopt teens from the Ukraine! What a blessing!

Please pray for Irina, Alexander and Kristina that the Lord will begin to prepare their hearts to meet their new families!

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