Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A New Day

Just want to give you all a quick update. Really not much has happened since we got word about our RFE. We stayed at the hotel till about 1:30 and then went to the Foreign Ministry today to pick up his travel document, which is good for one year. It's his one way ticket home. This is not the same things as his visa. We will be taking him to the doctor on Friday at 4 for his check up. This is required by Nepal for children under 2 (I think). He'll have to see one of two US appointed doctors before he can enter the US. That comes after we get his visa.

After we left there we went straight to our friends home and visited with them. The Lord really is giving us a peace about him staying with them while we wait this out. They are precious sisters in the Lord and are so blessed that the Lord put them in our path. Trek will be in great hands! And I know he'll be loved. He'll have two special "aunties" and about 30 plus "sisters".

We made contact with the police department through our friend and are hopeful to get some information about Trek's abandonment. Please be praying about this. We also have plans to contact our lawyer here and put an add in the paper and possibly TV asking for his birth mother to come forward so we can bring him home. This would be the best, easiest way to resolve this. We realize this is very unlikely, but we want to at least make an effort. This may help when we send in a rebuttal.

Our plans today are to go shopping for the children at the orphanage. We are buying all of them a coat, shoes, and blanket. Also we will be praying that the director will give us more specific info on his case. Again, please keep this in prayer.

Thank you to everyone who has tried making contact with Senator, Congressmen, etc. We're not sure how much they can help us, but it's worth trying. We did make a connection with someone in DC that may help us. Praying about this as well. It sounds promising. We are going to make contact with them tomorrow. Praying about this as well. So much to be praying about!

Last evening we finally met a Christian couple also adopting and had dinner with them. It was a blessing to fellowship with them. I love how when you are with other believers even though you may not know each other very well, there is a connection there and you feel like family (cause they are). Please be praying for them as they just got word yesterday that their file has been sent to ND.

Okay, so now that we are in this place with his adoption be feel it might be best to make our blog private. I know it's a pain to have to put in a password, but we think it's best. We still hope you will all follow along with us and be praying. Not exactly sure how this will work, but we'll do our best to figure it out so you all can follow along. I guess since I'm not sure how it will work maybe anyone who wants to follow along should email me their 'email address' and then I think I send you an invitation to read. We'll give it a try and see how it works. We'll also talk to other families in this situation and get their advice. Okay, I'll leave you will some pictures. We have a busy day ahead so I'm signing off. Please pray for the Lord to guide our steps and for our health. Mike and I both are not feeling the best....colds, allergies and Trek has a pretty bad cold himself. Love you all!

Here's a devotion to share with you. I don't read my 'Grace Mail' everyday but did yesterday and it was a blessing. Thought I'd share.
"After leaving Marah . . . . " Exodus 15:27

Marah means bitter. This was a place of bitter waters where God tested the Israelites. They had traveled three days into the desert after the miraculous deliverance from Egypt and the crossing of the Red Sea, and they were out of water. They arrive at Marah thirsty and in need so they bend down to drink, and the water is bitter! They begin grumbling and complaining, and then God changes the bitter water to sweet water. After being refreshed at Marah, they traveled to Elim.

"After leaving Marah, the Israelites traveled on to the oasis of Elim, where they found twelve springs and seventy palm trees. They camped there beside the water."

Do you know that Elim is only two hours from Marah? Isn't that a kick? Do you see how purposeful that test was at Marah? God could easily have said, "Moses, just go on another two hours, and you will find twelve springs and seventy date palms – shade, dates, and nourishment!" But, the Lord didn't do that. Instead, He said, "No, there's going to be a test first."

Maybe two hours from the test you're in right now, the Lord has bountiful blessings in store for you. Don't fail the test! Actually, God's testing is not meant to show you up; it's meant to show you off. It might only be "two hours" before you'll encounter significant blessing. Just around the corner from Marah was Elim with twelve springs – one for each of the tribes of Israel. There were seventy palms, and those palms speak of rightness, fruitfulness, and maturity.

Right around the corner from our most difficult times can be significant blessing. Don't give up! That's God's special word for you today – Don't give up!


  1. beautiful, beautiful boy!

    Prayers are unceasing. Hope you've been getting my e-mails.

    I did my Bible Study last night for this morning and was amazed at how everything I read was so for you. All about trust and believing. I'll send more details later.


  2. I love that you got some smiles! He looked so somber in the other pictures. I'm praying for you guys.

  3. Tonya-
    I can't believe that YOU are encouraging US in your struggles.....Thank YOU!.....

    You have no idea how much that word has spoken to me this morning......I'm sure you can understand why.....

    In the waiting.....one can become bitter.....I don't want to be bitter and find out that the sweet water is right around the corner. Thanks.