Friday, December 3, 2010

Adoption Day!

After two years of waiting and wondering how the Lord was going to add a son to our family....He did it! Today was the official 'hand over' ceremony of our son. He is now no longer an orphan, but the son of Mike and Tonya! We are in LOVE with him!

So, let me share briefly how the day went. There is sooo much to share, but I didn't get any sleep last night so I'm running on fumes. We started off our day with another wonderful breakfast at the hotel. Today we choose to sit out side with the birds. They were happy when we left so they could have a little bite to eat.

We did some more shopping for the orphanage today. We spent 240.00 on food. That was an experience. So yesterday we did some shopping for the babies and went to the same store. We used our debit card and it went through with no problems, today didn't want to work. Americans can not go into a little local store and spend over two hundred dollars and not draw attention to themselves....which I don't like. I don't want any attention. Anyhow, so when we went to guessed didn't work. I stayed at the store with all the bags of groceries with all the local people staring at me while Mike went to the bank to exchange money. This really wouldn't have been a big deal, and really wasn't except it took him at least thirty minutes to do this all the while people are coming in off the street to stare at the American lady with all the food. Not fun. Thankfully Mike made it back, we paid, loaded everything into the trunk and we were on our way.

At 11:30 we made our way back to the orphanage to pick up Trek and say our goodbyes. There is a ton to share about this visit, but I'm just to sleepy to get it out tonight, so hang tight and we'll fill you in. I will tell you two things to be praying about and something to praise the Lord about. 1. They love us and are so thankful for all we (YOU) are doing to help them. They said no other family has helped in this way or taken such interest in them. We told them we love them along with all our Christian friends and family. We shared with them that it's all about Jesus and that's why they see love through us. More about that later. 2. We asked them if we could come back to the orphanage at ANYTIME now or in the future and help with practical needs but with the stipulation that we can teach the children the Bible and share Jesus with them. With no hesitation they said YES! The Lord is given us an open door...what an opportunity! So be praying... 3. There is a precious little 1 1/2 year old girl who has some sort of handicap with her legs. She seems to be growing all but her legs and feet. They are tiny like an infants. They don't have the money to have her seen by doctors....till now. Thanks to everyone who has helped so far we will be taking her to see an American doctor. We'll have her examined next week and once we know that the problem is we will pray the Lord provides so we can get her the help she needs. There is so much more to share later!

We left with Trek and went to the 'hand over' ceremony and all went smoothly. We met another US family adopting a little girl. There file is also in Delhi, so please be praying for them as well that they would be issued a visa without delay. Trek was sober the entire day. No smiles, no crying...nothing. Until we got to the hotel. Once we got settled he began to play and we had a wonderful evening with him! Lots of smiles, laughing, was great! We are so blessed and honored to be his parents! He is just a beautiful boy and I'm so excited I can share his picture with all of you!! Please keep praying about his visa! The Lord knows and we are trying to not let the enemy steel our joy buy worrying about all the what ifs. God is good...all the time! All the time, God is good!

We leave tomorrow for the PUMA home at 9AM and will have church with them....can't wait!

Okay, I'm signing off. I'm so tired and Mike and Trek are both asleep and I'm a bit jealous. :)

One more thing. The Lord has brought in around 2200.00 in the last couple of days. I'm not 100% sure on the amount, cause our Chip In still shows 0 over here. Some have asked if we still need $ or are we all set. The answer is we still can use $ especially with this little girls special needs. There is so much this place needs that we can't do too much. IF that happened, we'd go find another orphanage....they are everywhere.

God bless you all! Good night from Nepal!

PS. More pictures for tomorrow....just don't have the energy to post tonight.


  1. Such joy going along with you for the ride! I can't wait to see what the Father does here. It is also a joy to be allowed the privilege of helping the orphanage with the basics. Thank you so much for sharing the details of their needs. Good job! Keep it up. We're praying for Trek's visas--and for the other families too. We love you.

  2. Loads of love to you all and the prayers are never ceasing! Praising the Lord for all that He has done and is doing.
    Love, The Millett Family

  3. Oh I am so thrilled for you!! He is so handsome. Just letting you know that I posted about the needs on my blog and asked others to pray for you. It looks like over $3000 has been donated so far!! Praise the Lord!

    God is using you there and it is such a blessing to read about.

    Prayers continually going to the Father,
    love Naomi

  4. WOW!!!!! What a wonderful day in every way! He looks so perfect in your arms! Sorry for the delayed response - we had a fundraiser last night at our house - we've been a bit groggy today. Hope you didn't think we didn't care about your wonderful day! I hope you are getting that sleep you need!! It's an exhausting trip for sure! Bless you both for getting those supplies to that orphanage! Not only did you officially get your sweet baby boy - but you have been such a blessing to the "family" within his "old" home. Thanks again for being His hands and feet! You are an inspiration to me!! Thanks too for the response to my question. I will continue my quest to raise money for you tomorrow at Sunday School. I hope to see some additional funds!! You certainly have a knack for raising money Tonya!! I may need you soon - we are officially starting adoption process #2. :)
    Continuing to cover you in prayer for his visa! And remember how God has provided everything to you just in the nick of time with the money? Maybe He likes his pattern! You've got a few more days! Will pray for the other family too. Maybe the investigators will grant you this Christmas wish! I hope they're following your blog! Maybe that will help!
    In His Amazing Love,