Sunday, December 5, 2010

Back at the hotel

Good Afternoon from Nepal! Time for an update. Yesterday we left the hotel pretty early to head over to the PUMA home. It was our full intent to say there the remainder of the trip (about week and two days), but I'm embarrassed to admit I'm a spleeny, spoiled girl. You know, probably most of us Americans are. Things aren't perfect in the US, but we have a very comfortable life style. Much different than millions all over the world. So our friend Padam picked us up and helped to get us settled in our new room and then later in the day gave a nice tour of the area. They (PUMA) really do have nice facilities there and a very nice home. The plan was to say on the third floor,(which we did for one night) ,and there is a huge balcony where Trek was able to run around and play with his ball. That evening his wife made us dinner and it was really tasty.
So you're probably wondering if the house is so great why'd you leave. Why do I feel like I have to explain to all of you...I have no idea, but for my own 'records' I'll list a few. One, they (most of KTM), only have electricity for six hours a day and they split that up between the morning and evening hours. Hotels have back up generator so we have it all the time. We didn't have access to the computer (email) or our majicJack phone while we were there and we need to be able to check to see if we hear from the Embassy and also we want to be in regular touch with our girls. Second...I like having a regular bathroom. Although they had lots of room outside for Trek to play, he didn't have much room inside.
Anyway, you all don't need to know EVERY reason :) Bottom line I told Mike I'd be much more comfortable being in a hotel with the baby...and being the sweet husband that he is, he brought me back. So now you all get updates, doesn't that make you happy!

Looking from the bedroom at the PUMA home.

Looking down from the balcony at the 'court yard'.

On the balcony by our room.

This morning getting dressed. It was chilly!

Around 5AM, Trek was awake and feeling hungry.

We went to church yesterday morning and it was wonderful! We didn't understand a thing anyone said, but we did recognize them singing How Great Thou Art. The worship was very emotional for both of us (teary). It's hard to describe but to be in the middle of a room filled mostly teens who were truly worshiping the Lord was a beautiful to witness and to hear them singing in their native tongue....BEAUTIFUL! Also I got emotional just seeing all the boys/young men and wondering how this trip is going to end....will Trek be coming home with us or will he be staying here and if so for how long? It tough people, really tough. We want to badly to bring our little boy home and I'm just so upset with our government! I just have to keep reminding myself daily, sometimes hourly that the Lord does have a plan and I have to believe it's a great plan. I can't keep typing about this or I'll get all emotional again. Just please keep praying! So this is what happened on to today.

We went to the Foreign Affairs office and applied for his travel documents. They are good for a year I think. We applied today and will get it on Tuesday. Later in the week we are taking him to the doctors for a check up. Not the one that the US Embassy tells us to go to for his medical check up...we'll do that once the visa is issued. But the little guy hasn't been seen in a while I would guess and he does have a pretty bad cold so we'll have him looked at. After we filed for the travel document we went to the Civil Mall! It felt like home again :) Not that I go shopping all the time, but it was nice to go into a 'normal' store and pick up Trek a couple of things.

So this is at the Foreign Affairs office with tons of guys just staring at us white Americans with a child from Nepal. The guy closest to the car on the left here was even looking at the documents while they were being filled out. Can you say WEIRD!

The guys checking out the food while we wait for Sumitra.

In the office.

Trek LOVES dogs!! He's going around the room saying 'cukoor' that is dog in Nepali. Wicked cute! We'll have to video tape him saying that.

The rest of the day we are just hanging out here playing and tomorrow we'll be going back to the orphanage to bring them some more stuff!

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

I was going to put jeans on the little man this morning, but they are slightly big. These are 2T.


  1. Tonya and Mike,
    Mike and I were just talking about your dilemma. I'm sure this has already been thought of - but just in case it hasn't - we were wondering why you can't ask for a temporary visa for him or a green card? Why can't you just bring him back while they continue the investigation? I have no clue if this is possible. But it's an idea. Not that we don't trust our amazing God to get His work done - but we do have to do all we can and let Him do the rest. We lifted you up in prayer during our service today. So...about 300 of us prayed for you all at the same time. That had to create a wave of light towards heaven on Trek's behalf. Anyway.....hope this opens a door for you. Continued prayers for you. You have been faithful and God will bless it! I can only imagine the hopelessness you are starting to feel. We'll pray for that too.

  2. I'm praying for you guys today, and I can't wait to meet your son!!!!