Thursday, November 11, 2010


Okay friends as you might guess we have so much on our minds right now. Thank you all for all the encouraging words and prayers! It's comforting to know we have so many people lifting our son & our family to the Father in prayer.
We believe the Lord is going to bring Trek home and we are looking at flights and trying to figure this all out. We have the very real possibility that one or both of us might have to stay in Nepal longer than we... had planned which is going to raise the adoption costs. So far the Lord has provided every penny we've needed and we trust He'll continue to do so.

Our biggest hang up is airfare right at the moment. We've made contact with a Christian children home and they have offered to let us stay with them at no cost and even eat there with them...if we can tolerate it :). So this is a huge blessing and will save almost a thousand dollars. Right now we have 5555.00 for our travel expenses and our tickets alone are looking like 3100.00 to get Mike and I there and home and it looks like we need to plan for about another 1000.00 for Trek's one way ticket home. Trek's visa will be 400.00 and he'll have a medical exam and other fees that need to be paid while we're there. So you can see that even staying somewhere for free our expenses are adding up fast.

I guess what I'm asking/thinking (which I don't know anything about this stuff) is would anyone have sky miles they might want to donate to this big adventure? Like I said I don't know much about how that works. I just remember when we went to China we met someone who traveled with their friend and they paid next to nothing because she had sky miles. It's been a thought I've had kicking around for weeks and so I decided I'd mention it. I don't know if the Lord put that thought there for the purpose of asking or if it's just me. And we're assuming sky miles are transferable...again, not sure if this is correct.

If you have any thoughts you can post here or email me privately at

Isn't this the cutest little head you've seen? :)

Keep praying scripture over this little guy! To read the scripture see the post below this one. God bless you guys!

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