Saturday, November 27, 2010

Namaste From Kathmandu!

We made it safely to Nepal last night. All the flights were comfortable and we're so excited to be here! We slept great last night, had a nice breakfast this morning and are now waiting for our facilitator to pick us up and take us to visit Trek!!!!

American Airlines/Gulf Air

We just found out that we can see Trek this morning!!!
Okay so the driving/traffic here is INSANE!! A person has to have nerves of steel! I normally do not, but God is giving me the strength I need to not freak out. His orphanage is about a twenty to thirty minute ride from the hotel.

Once we got there we were taken into the office of the director and met his wife (we think). She said hi and smiled and said we could talk later and go spend some time with the baby. We were taken into another building and we went to a room upstairs and spent about 30 minutes with him.

He was crying really hard before we even saw him, so when we came in a took him that didn't make things any easier on him. Poor little guy. We were told it was his nap time.

So he's perfect!!! He looked better than what we expected. His skin is very dry but other than that he seemed good. We brought several toys with us and he held the little turtle the longest.
He didn't have socks or shoes on and the little coat he was wearing seemed big, so I put some pj's on him and wrapped him up in a blanket. We just stopped talking to him and swayed back and forth while whispering prayers in his ear...along with lots of kisses. Finally he fell asleep and I had to give him back to the nanny. Mike held off on holding him today because Trek was so overwhelmed. He plans to hold him tomorrow. We were told we would get full custody of him on Friday....I can't wait!!!

Here's my baby sleeping in my arms!
Praying for the Lord to move this ginormous mountain! It seems so huge and unmovable to us, but we KNOW HE is able! We know He has a perfect plan for Trek. He Knows what he can handle and what he can't.

This is a devotional I read this morning...
For fear of doing the wrong thing for God, some do nothing for God.
For fear of making the wrong kingdom decision, some make no kingdom decision.
For fear of messing up, some will miss out.
But you don't have to. Your God is a good God.
He lavished you with strenghts in this life and a promise of the next. Go out on a limb; he won't let you fall. Take a big risk; he won't let you fail. He invites you to dream of the day you feel his hand on your shoulder and his eyes on your face. "Well done," he will say, "good and faithful servant."

Exodus 15:11
Are there any gods like you, Lord?
There are no gods like you.
You are wonderfully holy,
amazingly powerful,
a worker of miracles!

Keep praying that the Lord will move this mountain and that we'll be able to bring him home with us in December!
Blessing from Nepal!


  1. I am so glad you are there! hold your son and to speak your prayers into his ear! Words cannot even describe what is going on in the natural and the supernatural, our God is so amazing, so faithful and so vast! We continue to pray, lifting you and your family and this entire process up to the Lord almighty!
    Love, Amy

  2. Oh my word Tonya...he is beautiful! What an incredible step of faith! This little guy needs you and Our Lord knows encouraged! He wlll give you the desire of your heart! Love, Stephanie Seccareccia

  3. Oh Tonya! I am SO happy for you! Trek is so precious! We are praying for that mountain to be moved ASAP! We leave tomorrow evening...can't wait! See you soon!

  4. Gorgeous little boy! How peaceful he looks. Thank you so much for this update so that we can pray. I am so blessed by your devotional!!

    love and prayers,

  5. SO wonderful to see him in Mommy's arms!!!
    We are praying!!
    Can't wait to see him home with his sisters too!!!

  6. I am overwhelmed to tears reading your blog! And the devotional....God is working out this mountain and encouraging you along the way. Have been praying that you feel God's arms wrapped around you! By reading your blog, I see that He is....don't you feel it?????
    We are all so blessed by your faith - thank you for showing us how to take a true leap of faith! I am so glad you are safely in Nepal and that you have already been able to hold that beautiful baby boy! He must already know who his mommy is to allow you to console him enough to fall asleep on you! Beautiful. Can't wait to read tomorrow's update!
    Lots of love to you!