Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Orphan's Ransom!

Well last time I blogged I was introducing Orphan's Ransom to you. Today I'll telling you that we have made HUGE strides and we are now 'up & running'!!! The only thing we're waiting on is setting up our merchant's account so people can sign up to be a monthly supporter and have it automatically taken out of their account each month...if they choose to support that way. For right now it's the old fashion way....send a check each month :) All donations are tax deductible.

I want to clear up one question that several people have asked me about. We DO NOT take any money from this ministry to help with our own personal adoption costs...P E R I O D! Any person serving on the board of Orphan's Ransom DOES NOT qualify to apply for a grant! That would wreak of a conflict of interest. The Lord has been so good in providing all we've needed and He'll continue to as we need it. This ministry is to help OTHERS!

So would YOU pray about becoming a monthly supporter and help pay the Ransom for many lives? Would you pass around the website/blog...tell everyone you know about us. You can also check us out on facebook!

Being a non-profit is new territory for us but with the Lord help and a lawyer....I trust great things are going to happen! Please keep Orphan's Ransom in your prayers. Pray that churches, pastor, business, individuals heart would be soften and open to supporting. Adoption is a big deal to the Lord and we've all been adopted and had our ransom paid...let's join together and pay many ransoms!

You'll see our button at the top of the blog with the code...grab it and pass it along!


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  1. Amazing!!!! I love it! I will pass along the word and put a button on my blog too! Love you friend!