Thursday, February 4, 2010

Could there be some movement in Nepal?

So for some unknown reason I can never find any up to date news about adoptions in Nepal. I do however have a friend who is also adopting from Nepal and she is able to find some! Good to know you Elissa! She had some interesting news to share on her blog today and thought I'd go ahead and copy and paste some of it.

"There are two bits of news coming from official sources today that I may as well report, although I'm still taking them with a grain of salt.

First, Nepal has announced that they will accept the alotted 10 dossiers per agency from April through July of this year.

The timing is interesting in light of what the US Embassy is reporting, that Nepal has told them that they plan to process all 2009 dossiers (that's us) by March of this year. The Embassy adds that they are doubtful that such a large number of matches could be made in such a short period of time, but it proves consistent with the rumors that have been circulating. I'm not sure that makes it any more likely to be true-- an untrue statement that is often repeated is still not true. However, I would be happy if they even started back on the 2009 matches in March and finished them by the following March. So my expectations are rather low, but perhaps more realistic.

I have resisted the temptation to even predict when our referral will arrive, mostly based upon the fact that there is practically zero data on which to base a prediction (unlike China where there were at least monthly referrals that could be counted on). But based on this post from our family blog yesterday, I'd say there's a good chance that we will get a referral this summer and be home with Little Bro in the Fall. But please realize that is based purely on what would be the most ironic timing for me-- not on reality whatsoever, so please don't take it to the bank."

Now see! Wasn't that a nice little glimmer of hope! So we continue to pray the Lord moves mountains and Nepal adoptions will get moving! To read exactly what Elissa posted click here.

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