Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Questions have been asked....What's next?

My plan wasn't to talk about money so soon after the Lord provided so much for this adoption, but I've had some questions as to what the rest of our expenses will look like and if we have the rest of the money needed.

The answer is we do not have the money for the remainder of our expenses. We will continue to pray that the Lord will provide and we believe He will! I decided I would share with you what the break down looks like and what we've paid for so far and what we are looking at for the remainder of this adoption.

Nepal Adoption Fees Disclosure
Adoption Fees Payable to FHSA (our adoption agency) based on adoption services for one child.
Application Fee 250.00 PAID
Initial Professional Service Fee 2950.00 (Due with signed client contract at which time a Program Coordinator will contact you to assist with the dossier) PAID
I600-A fingerprints for Homeland Security 830.00 PAID
Adoption Learning Partners 150.00 PAID
Home Study & Post Adoption Report Fees
Home Study and 3 Post Adoption Reports
The total for all of these fees are 800.00 we've paid 400.00 still owe 400.00.

Due with Dossier submission:
Second Professional Service Fee 2500.00 PAID
Mailing and Wire Transfer Fee 200.00 PAID
Initial Country Administration Fee 2500.00 PAID
Gov't Processing & Monitoring Fee 3000.00 PAID
Humanitarian Aid (Orphan's Voice) 1000.00 PAID

The above 5 items made up the 9200.00 that was needed to get our dossier to Nepal! We are praising the Lord for providing that need!

Due with Referral Acceptance:
Country Administration Balance 2000.00
Orphanage Donation 5000.00
(will be doubled if we get two boys)

Adoption Fees Payable to:
Child's Paperwork Fees
Medical 40.00
Visa 400.00
These fees are payable at our Embassy appointment in Nepal. We will need to hand carry these fees with us to Nepal (these will be doubles if we get two boys)

Out of Pocket Travel Expenses:
Airfare 2000.00 - 7000.00
not sure for child maybe 250.00 or more
Meals - Approx. 25.00 per day per adult 300.00 - 600.00
Hotel avg. 12 nights at 95.00 per night 1140.00 (we plan to stay at a children's home! Of course we'll give them something, but it should save on this expense)
Facilitator Tip 100.00
Nanny Tip 100.00
Orphanage Director Tip 50.00
Driver Tip 30.00
Estimated Travel Expenses 3970.00 - 9270.00

Estimated Total Adoption Cost - $24,710 - $32,140.00

When the Lord first began to speak to us about adopting from Nepal Mike was so excited and I'll admit wasn't. I was excited about the thoughts of adopting again but my heart wanted to go back to China! We had talked about going back and adopting another little girl around the age of 4 so I was a little taken back when Nepal came into the picture.

I couldn't deny that the Lord gave Mike this word (
BANAU) but I wasn't convinced that we were supposed to adopt from Nepal. We prayed and began to explore Nepal adoptions to see if there would be a closed door. I was looking for one. We qualified on every level....we only had two children, we only had girls but when I looked at the cost and saw 30,000.00 as an average I thought....there's the closed door! Now we can use AWAA again and go back to China!

I remember sitting in the living room with Mike and told him how much it would cost and said something like....well I guess that closes the door on Nepal huh?

His response was something like this....Well Tonya we have 0 money so if the Lord is calling us to adopt He is able to provide the 10,000.00 or more needed for a domestic, 20,000.00 or more needed for a China adoption and He is able to provide 30,000.00 or more for a Nepal NO this is not a closed door!

So many of you know how the story goes, but after MUCH PRAYER we said YES LORD and began to take small steps in faith. Believing if this is what the Lord called us to do He would be faithful to complete it!

It has been AMAZING to watch the Lord provide all we've needed for each step we've taken! The money hasn't been in our hand early, but it's been there right on time for the next step. I'll be honest it's nice to know you have the money needed ahead of time, but so far that's not how the Lord has chosen to work. We're excited to see the rest of HIS story unfold!

By the way I'm VERY EXCITED about adopting from Nepal and I'm thrilled that I'll be a mommy to I pray TWO little boys!!

We updated our Chip In button and it will stay there until December 31, 2010 or until we know when we'll be getting our boys.

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