Sunday, December 13, 2009

AWAA in Bangor's Christmas Parade!

These pictures are of our float we had in Bangor's Christmas parade.
This is the story of how it all came to be :) I was watching the morning local news and they mentioned the upcoming parade. They said they were accepting applications for another couple days.
I first told my husband that we needed to bring our girls to see the Christmas parade this year. As soon as I said that, I thought....we need to be IN the parade and help spread the word about the need of these precious children. Within a couple of hours I had people donating items and wanting to participate; so off we went with the idea!

I was thinking and praying of a theme, and as I was listening to my Steven Curtis Chapman Christmas CD, I heard the song "All I Really Want for Christmas”. I thought....PERFECT!

I contacted a friend who has also adopted and who makes banners. I told him what I wanted our banner to say and told him I would love to have a couple of pictures of children and to make the writing look like a child's writing. Well, he worked his magic and they came out better than what I hoped!

I emailed our adoption group, then contacted the local radio station looking for adoptive families to walk with us and get involved in any way. I had two ladies step up. They really helped me a lot with decorating and purchasing some of the materials we needed. I think we had somewhere around 20 children, most adopted, and about 17 adults. We passed out 400 AWAA info flyers along with 200 flyers inviting people to attend our monthly adoption group!

We just prayed the Lord would guide us as we passed these flyers out and prayed they would land in the right hands. My desire is for AWAA and the desire for adoption to have more of a presence in Maine! We need A LOT more families to step out in faith to bring these children home, as well as to help others bring them home!

It was a FUN night with lots of giggles, Christmas cookies and candy canes! We plan to do this again next Christmas, and also the fourth of July parade!”

Noelle & Robin

Update on our Tuesday deadline!
If you don't know what's going on see the posts below.
We started a week ago Friday needing 9,200.00. We now only need 2100.00!!! The Lord has provided so much so far it's hard to believe He wouldn't provide the rest! Please continue to PRAY with us that the rest of the funds needed will come in!

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