Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Official Step One!

Finally something to report! We recieved an email yesterday from Stephanie from CHCS (our home study agency) letting us know things look good and we're moving forward!

Hi Tonya,

Yes, I do have an update. It looks like we finally have everything in place and are moving forward. The contracts are being finalized and will be mailed out to Adoption Associates and to you and Mike. Once signatures are in place, we can set a time to meet. I am looking at a four hour block of time. After that I believe any questions I have (if any) could either be e-mailed or discussed on the phone. Should be a very straightforward process as the length of the report they want is so short.


I contacted AAI and spoke with Suzanne this afternoon. She told me to fill out the International Preliminary Adoption Application and email it to her. DONE!

She sent us some stuff we need to read over and sign. WE'LL DO THAT TONIGHT!

Next step will be to mail our first program fee and within a week we'll be assigned a consultant (FC).

We are very excited to be started the paperwork to bring Jonah home!!!

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