Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Changes...Take 2

It seems like lots have been going on concerning the adoption. We thought we had found and settled on who we were suppose to use as our adoption/placing agency ( Adoption Associates). But things have changed AGAIN thank to my sweet friend Amy W. who introduced me to Elissa another AWAA mom.

Anyone who's adopted or is even interested in adoption always asks the same first questions....what agency are you using? How far along in the process are you? Healthy or SN? This is how our first conversation went. I shared my facts with her and she shared hers with me. She told me that they had considered Adoption Associates but chose FHSA for a few reasons. When I heard her reasons it was if I was talking about our family. She told me she has just signed on a couple weeks ago and that they had an opening for a healthy child. If you're not familiar with Nepal they just re-opened their doors for adoption last October and they are only allowing ten dossiers per agency per year. Every agecny I spoke with had filled their quota for this year and next year. So to find an opening was totally the Lord!

When Ellisa told me they found an opening for THIS YEAR I about fell over! I thought I had found and called every agency out there that worked in Nepal. Needless to say I didn't sleep well that night. All I could think about was....is there another opening for 2009? The next morning at 9 I called and spoke with Karen R. and she said that there were actually three openings! Again I about fell over! Anyway long story short (kind of) I loved speaking with all the ladies at FHSA. Every single one of them was so friendly and helpful. Mike and I prayed and decided we would see if CHCS our home study agency and FHSA could work together. Remember it took a few months to find out if we could work with AAI.... well it's only been about two weeks and we got the phone call today saying we're all set to move forward!

I am amazed that it all happened so fast! Stephanie told me that the contracts were being drawn up as we were spoke and I should get them in my hands on Thursday! Once I get them we'll set an appointment for our one and only home study visit. Also next week I'll be mailing in our payments (Lord willing) and beginning the collection of our dossier documents!

It's been almost 6 months since we said Yes Lord we will go to Nepal. I'm praying if it's the Lords will that it won't take long to pull our dossier together. It would be the neatest thing if the Lord allowed us the privilege to travel to Nepal with Ellisa and her husband to bring home our baby boys!


  1. I'm just shocked here! That is awesome that things are moving so much quicker!!! His thoughts are not ours, huh? Praise God!

  2. Hi Tonya and Mike! Like your first adoption wasn't full of ups and down's...now you get to get back on the roller coaster - again. I've been wondering how your process has been and am glad to see there is movement. I remember telling myself "God's time - Not mine." But I also remembering asking myself "why is this taking so long?"
    I'll keep praying for you guys!
    love, Angie