Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank You and Changes....

Thank you to all who helped with this Lia Sophia fundraiser and those who gave us generous donations to help with Jonah's adoption! We appreciate all of you! It's such a blessing having people in our lives who have the same heart for adoption...friends who come along side to pray, encourage and help in a practical way! I don't have a total that was raised just yet. Angel wants to keep the party open until Wednesday because she has a few orders still to get. OK...that was the Thank you part now for the changes part....

First of all our God is AMAZING! I got a call from Stephanie our social worker on Friday saying she had good news and bad news. The good news....she is coming to the Spirit of Adoption Seminar! The bad news....our home study agency can NOT come into an agreement with All God's Children International. That did seem like bad new for a few seconds but quickly turned into good news. The reason they can't work together is because of all the things they are requiring of CHCS...things like anyone who works at all with us or signs off on our home study would be required to update their resume and send it to AGCI??? That alone seems very intrusive for those individuals. Why do they need that?? Anyway that's just one example of 4 pages of stuff they want! CRAZY! Anyway Stephanie was feeling all bad because she didn't know how much money we had invested so far. The good news.....we've spent $0! NOTHING!!! OK this is where it turns into a praise report. We've been praying for the Lord to provide the money needed for this adoption and so far He has provided some but not enough to "run" yet! All those who have adopted know what I mean :) Anyhow....had all that money been there we would have "run" and paid this agency in the vicinity of $3,000.00 which would have been NON REFUNDABLE! We thought the Lord showed us what agency to use but apparently we were wrong. So how awesome is God to allow the funds to trickle in slowly so we wouldn't waste any money on an agency we can't use. I guess I shouldn't say we can't use them, but if we did we would have to use another home study agency and that's something we are not doing unless we hear from the Lord to do so. Stephanie has been a huge blessing to us and I can't imagine not using her! The interesting thing about all this is the Lord seems to be bringing us back to the first agency we looked at Adoption Associates. I couldn't remember why we didn't pursue this agency at first, but realized it was because they wanted us to keep birth order. Again something we've been praying about. We thought maybe we should adopt an older boy but wasn't sure. Anyhow if we use AAI Jonah would have to be 9 months younger than Noelle....which is fine with us. I contacted AAI on Friday. They sent us the home study agreement that CHCS would have to sign and I already heard from CHCS this morning! That was fast!! I didn't get the green light because they have just one question for AAI but I should know soon! I don't think it will be a problem. Also I'm waiting for a couple of my questions to be answered by AAI and I should hear back by Friday...I hope! So we think we're on the right path as far as agencies are concerned.

That's all for now! I'll post more when I know more! I'm excited!

By the way I hope you all have a wonderful Resurrection Day!

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