Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We are doing our first fundraiser to help bring Jonah home!

My friend Angel is a Lia Sophia advisor and she is willing to give up her ENTIRE commission (30%) to help bring him home! Thank you Angel!

Who knows how the Lord will provide...maybe with a bunch of ladies who love jewelry :)'s how it will work....

1. Click HERE this will take you to Angel's Lia Sophia website.

2. Click on OUR JEWELRY found on the top of the page.

3. Click on Spring/Summer Catalog

4. Click on How To Purchase....this is a tap just above the right side of the catalog page. This will give you a spot to type in hostess name.....Tonya Davis

5. SHOP!

On April 11 I'll be hosting a show at my home with all my local friends and we'll put all the orders in at that time. Then we'll mail you your beautiful jewelry!

I feel a little awkward mentioning this but I'll get over myself and my pride and just let you know one more thing. Something that I believe the Lord has taught me is sometimes he wants us to humble ourselves and let others know of a need that we/they/you may have. Then it gives us/them/you the opportunity to be used by Him to bless another. So with that I've had a suggestion from a couple sweet bloggy, adoptive mom friends. They said they would rather just donate a certain amount than to buy jewelry so I have added a CHIP IN to the side bar so if anyone would rather do that they can.

We love you all and thank you for joining us in prayer to bring Jonah home! It will be an amazing testimony of how the Lord provides!

One more thing....

We thought we wanted to adopt a BABY boy age 0-12 months.....well the Lord is stirring our hearts and we're thinking more like 2-4 years old! How fun would that be! Noelle may just be getting an older brother perhaps or one her age! This should be interesting! Stay tuned!

I want to give a SHOUT OF THANKS to some of my sweet bloggy friends who are willing to help get some "outside" orders! Thank you so much Amy, Angie and Tina! Lenka thank you for ordering!

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