Thursday, March 3, 2011

Last Update State Side

We are leaving for Nepal on Sunday, so this will be our last update state side.

Visa approvals continue to come in almost daily praise the Lord! We currently are 4th in line and have been waiting 12 days so far. This means we're likely to get our approval next week! Who knows, maybe his approval will come tonight....wouldn't that be wild!

Trek is doing fantastic! We Skyped him the other day. Of course we know he doesn't really understand what's happening, but Fran & Mary have been telling him Daddy and Mommy are coming to get him. He loves to look at the airplanes flying over the house and point to them while saying dada! Isn't that sweet.

So I'm going to throw out some specific prayer requests....

1. That his visa approval will be issued ASAP!
2. That the Lord will protect us while traveling and staying in Nepal and keep our girls healthy and happy while we are away.
3. That the Lord will prepare Trek's heart for the transition to come in the next week.
4. That the Lord will provide ALL we need financially before we leave.
Let me share what I mean by this....

As of right now we have $812.00 to bring with us. Out of that we know we need to pay...

$404.00 for Trek's visa
$100.00 for his medical appoint (hopefully not more)
$200.00 for our visas to enter Nepal for a month and all three exit visas
$250.00 for a rental car & gas to get us to JFK in New York

These are just the necessities that we can think of and as you can see....we're running short. This is not figuring the cost of food while over there or leaving money for our girls while we leave...nothing extra. The Lord has always provided and we are believing He'll do it again for us. This is our final sprint to the finish line. Please pray with us about these things!

So please pray with us that He will provide.

Mike & Tonya

PS. Once we receive Trek's approval, we'll open our blog again. Stayed tuned. Oh yeah, IF we get his approval before we leave....I'll let you know! Grace & Peace

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