Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Praying for widsom

Today could have been an AMAZING day....and still may be, but we're unsure still.
Let me our adoption agency called telling us they received our 'Final Decision on Adoption'. This is N*p*l telling us we have 60 days to come and complete our adoption. If this suspension hadn't taken place we'd most likely being leaving in a few days to head to N*p*l to bring our son home!!

We are unsure of what to do because as far as we know our case hasn't been investigated. We are being asked to send the final 7200.00 and to make arrangements to come, but what if the US doesn't clear our son for a visa? Although I really believe in my heart that everything will be okay and that the Lord fully intends on completing this adoption for HIS glory and testimony!

So we are praying James 1:5 asking for wisdom from the Lord. Do we send the money? Do we travel before we hear word about our investigation? Do we wait till we get closer to the 60 day mark? Do we potentially go beyond the 60 days and hope that they will still honor this match and let us adopt?

Please pray for us as we need to make some serious decisions in the next few days. Please pray that by the end of this week or even TODAY we'll hear word from about our investigation! And that the word will be....APPROVED!

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  1. Oh I am indeed praying the Lord's favor and his firm YES on this! Lord, you know every detail of this investigation and every detail of this precious child. We ask if it is indeed your will that he be made a Davis, that you would give them a certain YES to move forward. Make straight their paths, make clear their decisions and make your peace an overriding presence.