Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kick Off!!

September 2010 has now become

We are so pleased to announce that Orphan’s Ransom (501c3 nonprofit
organization) is up, running and ready to begin sharing its mission with Christian
fellowships, churches, and organizations. We are praying for ongoing,
monthly sponsorships to be used to award adoption grants that will allow
Christian families to welcome children of God into their families and church
communities, without the costs holding them back.

Unfortunately so many individuals feel that their contributions do not make a difference
because they don’t have a lot to give. Let me be clear in telling you,
that is a lie straight from the enemy! Our family has personally seen how many
people - all giving a little - created a miracle adoption and fully funded our adoption of our little boy from Nepal.
It was this miracle that birthed Orphan's Ransom!

I am writing today with hope that you will prayerfully consider becoming
one of Orphan Ransoms "First 500!" With 500 sponsors all giving a $10 a
week/$40 a month contribution, we can begin giving our first grant/grants in
November 2010. November is National Adoption Awareness Month, and it would be
amazing to award our first grant winners on Adoption Sunday, which is
November 7th this year. If together, we can find 500 Christians willing to hear
God’s heart for the orphan, and willing to be obedient in His call to be part
of this mission beginning Oct. 1, then together, we will bring many
children into their forever families in just one year! YOU, will be
helping these individual children become FREE from the bondage of the ransom
adoption expenses have placed on their lives. YOU will be bringing them into a
loving, Christian home, where they can feel and learn about the love of
God, and the safety of His guidance in their lives.

When you become a monthly supporter in this mission, you will get to see
and hear about real people, real families and real childrens lives you have
changed. All I ask is that you PRAYERFULLY consider what role you may play.
Is God asking you to sponsor these children? Is He asking you to forward
this on to other Christians you know, or actually tell them about it
yourself? If you want more information please visit the website at: or you can also call me any time at 207-825-3511.

Be part of God’s miracles in today’s world. They are going on
all around us, and God uses regular people like you and me to be His hands
and feet if you will only let Him.
Orphan's Ransom board members are not qualified to receive grants.
We want to make that clear. We are just very blessed to be a part of what God has built.
Please join us and watch what God will do.

If you want to become one of our "First 500" email us a message at and put in the subject line...First 500!

At that point we'll send you a sponsor form and you'll be on our mailing list!

In His love,

Tonya & Mike Davis

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