Thursday, August 12, 2010

Update & Shopping To Help Bring JP Home!

Yesterday we finally got our "hard" copy of our referral! Boy waiting over a week was a long time! We signed the acceptance letter and sent it right back to our adoption agency...they got it this morning! It's been scanned and emailed to Nepal! Now we wait for our travel approval, which I hope come's FAST!!! As sad as we are that the United States has suspended adoptions from Nepal we are hoping it will speed up TA's. I suppose it could go either way.

Okay so this is what's's amazing! There is this sweet lady who last Dec. heard of us trying to raise the 9200.00 so we could send our dossier to Nepal and get that last 2009 slot. Well, she started an adoption grant ministry at her church in PA. and they contacted us and asked if we wanted to fill out an application....which we did....and got approved for a 5000.00 travel grant!

She asked for me to contact her and let her know when we got our referral...which we did. She started asking questions about the finances and anyway long story short, she and her husband have offered to "front" any money that we are lacking to make sure we are able to accept his referral!!! Isn't that crazy! We still can't believe all this is happening. We needed to raise the final $7,000.00 and now we are down to needing...$1793.00!!!

We've had some people donate some really nice things to help with the expenses. One lady gave us a diamond wedding band and a coach purse. If you or someone you know is interested in buying either of these and helping with this adoption than make an offer and pay using PayPal with the Chip In below.

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